A full-service digital tech agency

When it comes to Digital and Web-based projects The Stockholm Tech Agency brings outstanding focus on helping its customers make the most of their investments without compromising on quality or performance.

We treat each project with the same dedication and seriousness. For this, our customers trust us and it shows - they come back to us time after time. If you want to add the high performance to your projects join our team at The Stockholm Tech Agency.

In these challenging economic times, you need solutions that can help you achieve fast delivery to the market and can be tailored to the changing needs of your customers without exponentially increasing your costs. Our digital marketing and application development solutions have not only proved to be pragmatic and have been through the ages, they also provide the best combination of capabilities available anywhere in the world. Keep in mind: Our company has built on maintaining healthy and long-term relationships with our customers. We do not take up a project just for the sake of the customer's money and we do not want to abandon projects if the customer is facing problems.


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We are constantly researching new ways to help our customers get more from their existing hardware and software infrastructure. We do this with a double focus on how we can improve our own performance at the same time. Whatever your needs - big or small, complex or simple, we can help you reach your goals faster and with lower risk.

For web design, development, customized software or digital marketing of your business (SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, PPC or Branding), the choice is clearly Stockholm Tech Agency. Combine a highly qualified group, unique experience and comprehensive research, Stockholm Tech Agency collaborates with customers to offer digital and web solutions. Our committed and talented team actively explores latest technical developments to keep in line with international standards and provides the most cost-effective digital solutions which meet your needs.


Treating each project with the same dedication and seriousness

As we move towards our goal of being a Professional Web Development Company in the  world, our main aim is to develop in a constant manner and become a leading performer in this competitive global marketplace. We are gathering a crew of professionals with outstanding talent, using emerging technologies to cope with the modern world demands and by working in the state-of-the-art environment and infrastructure.  


We design and build brands, applications, websites and user experiences. 

Our mission is to enhance business growth of our customers with creative design, development and to deliver market defining high quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to customers around the globe. At Stockholm Tech Agency the  character of our company is defined by the core values ​​that form the very basis of our infrastructure. These values ​​create a healthy working environment and serve as guidelines for our work ethics and decision making.


Respect our colleagues and customers and value their work, opinion and personal ethics. Respect for intellectual property rights such as software and source code belonging to us, our customers or any other party.


Contribution from everything, taking personal responsibility, internal and external collaboration across the board, unwavering focus on a common goal, end of differences and creative use of diversity.


With that we mean, openness to challenge, welcome different ideas, actively invite feedback, respond positively to discussion and constructively use criticism.


To say what we mean and mean what we say. To behave in a mature and worthy way by holding commitments, congruence, building trust and ensuring reliability.


A commitment to getting the job done, bring an optimistic attitude, keeping deadlines, maintaining quality as well as striving to exceed previous standards and raising the lanes with each project.


Welcoming cross-functional idea generation, seeking groundbreaking methods and an ineffective commitment to technical and experience-based learning.


Kindness, concern, compassion and problem solving empathy for both internal and external customers.


Demonstrate concern for our people, our society, our company and to be good citizens of society in all respects