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We are a leading SEO services agency in the region. We believe in human-first SEO strategies and fully realize the sentiment of your company demands. We understand that a business growth requires the right audience willing to buy your products or services, as a real business is driven more than just SERPs. We build SEO services that would fully aligned with your brand goals. Our innovation-led SEO strategies have helped our clients to rank higher on search engines by increase in traffic and attaining better ROIs.

What Make Us Different

Our Simple & Targeted SEO Approach

Our key SEO focus is to achieve your online business goals! We start SEO from understanding key goals of your website conversions. We conduct a comprehensive review of your USP (unique selling proposition) and your business market opportunities. By performing an SEO audit of your business we realize your business existing online strengths and weaknesses. Further, we analyze and understand your business online performance. We conduct a sizable analysis of your business top competitors in order to understand their position (strengths & weaknesses) in the market.

Next, we would develop an online strategy for your business to attain your business goals and to maximize your ROIs. We optimize your web user experience by optimizing on-site content. We will be providing great content with keeping your brand keyword focus in our mind. Further, we also optimize technical aspects (back-end) to boost search engine visibility.

Our SEO Best Practices

We always adopt SEO best practices to improve your website ranking and drive more traffic at the same time. We never try black hat or even grey hat techniques as these tactics may offer short term gains but search engine penalties may affect your ranking badly in the long-term.

We at Stockholm Tech Agency always engage in trending best practices in the ever-changing SEO domain. To ensure the success of our clients projects we focus on the continual training and professional development for our teams. We believe in utilizing best practices that maximize short and long term success of your business.

Stockholm Tech Agency SEO Process

Keyword Research and Strategy

We do customized Keywords Research with the Professional Tools. We use targeted Keywords (short & long-tails) that will guide your customers to your website. A successful keyword strategy can be developed only after understanding your target audience and knowing their online searching behaviors. Our SEO ROI-driven keywords strategy would help to grow your business online.

Website Audit and Optimization

We will begin to start reviewing your site to understand the performance related aspects, our SEO experts audit your site’s important aspects such as metadatas, traffic sources, meta descriptions and keyword analysis. We locating messed up components on your site and enhance its web index. We optimize your site for your online searcher to achieve your business goals organically on google search engine.

On-Page Optimization

We start performing on-page improvement for each of your website pages separately by advancing on-page components such as site Internal Linking Optimization, Hyperlink Optimization etc. We will setup and integrate Google Analytics, create Robots.txt file, XML site map and add other Optimization techniques. On-Page optimization also required the adding and improvement of meta labels, title labels, human-friendly content creation, photos advancement, & more.

Content Creation

We don't have to forget this quite “Content is the King'' while curating new content for the website. We develop high-quality content by focusing our target keywords. As we do only humans centric SEO, so our main focus of improving our website content is to attract Your Target Audience. Our quality Content assists your brand to rank higher by link baiting ideas to get authority links. Our content creation strategy usually comprises blog posts, article submission, social sharing, guest post, directory submission, meta description and more.

Link Building

We start this from investigation of existing links on your site by using reliable digital tools. By investigating your website SEO we would be able to do its Health Check with Initial Backlinks & competition analysis. We do only white-hat jobs and avoid acquiring any nasty backlinks that could harm your top rankings. Organic traffic through quality link-building has its charm, and this always draws humans to your site rather than bots.

Reporting and Analysis

What we will do, track the development on your site SEO & reporting week after week. We don't stop here, we keep on performing your site examinations to make sure that each component is up to date. If required we will do further customization to make sure that it always brings top outcomes. We keep on repeating our Content marketing & link building strategies on regular bases to improve our website visibility in the search engines.


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